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Findy Solar specializes in design and manufacture of small & medium solar panels and custom PV modules in China since 2006.
With our in-house R&D team, we are able to design and develop a tailored solar panel in various size and outputs to meet our client's specific requirement.
We can offer different types of solar panels to our customers - tempered glass solar panel, PET solar panel, ETFE solar panel, Sunpower solar cell panel etc.
Tell us your specific requirements (voltage, size, glass or PET panel etc), and we will design a right solar panel to meet your solar application needs.

Tempered Glass Solar Panel

- High transmission tempered glass
- Durable, long lifespan, resistance to degradation
- Robust, withstanding challenging environmental conditions
- Waterproof, scratch resistant
- UV resistant
- Excellent performance under low light environments

       PET Solar Panel

       - PET Film protect solar cells inside against break & oxidation
       - Light weight
       - Waterproof, scratch resistant
       - UV resistant
       - Various shapes available

Circular Solar Panel

Round solar panel is widely used in solar powered LED lighting products
or other round shape end products.

       Sunpower Solar Panel

       - High efficiency Sunpower solar cell (around 22% efficiency)
       suitable for products which need high power but with limited area.
       - Excellent performance under low light environments

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